Adobe’s Lightroom is a phenomenal application used by loads of photographers across the world today. It truly is a powerful application, but what if you don’t know all of the ins and outs to it quite yet? I’m here to help you.

Adobe Lightroom 5 contains tools for just about anything you’d want to do. One of the often overlooked tools inside the program is one that is called the Lightroom Painter Tool. You may be thinking this is used within the Develop Module in the program, but that is where you would be incorrect. Using the Lightroom Painter Tool allows you to “Paint” settings, ratings, metadata, keywords, and other options onto your photos within the Library Module. This way you are seeing the full grid view of your images and can literally paint these settings over individual or multiple images at a time. This allows for quick and easy setting adjustments, ratings, organization, or many other alternatives. It’s a phenomenal tool!

In this video I show you how you can get started using the Lightroom Painter Tool and what options you have when using it. I’ll demonstrate practical examples that show you how you can best implement this tool into your workflow today.

All done with the video? Great! Hopefully that gives you an idea of what you can do with this great little feature inside of Lightroom. Using the Lightroom Painter Tool is quick and easy and sometimes even a fun way to help improve your workflow. Try adding this one into your toolbox and see how it can help you out.

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