Lightroom is a valuable tool as far as software for post-processing photos goes. In future posts I’ll dive deeper into how to use Lightroom along with some landscape photography processing tips and tutorials. For now though, and for those that are already using Lightroom but want to speed up their workflow, here are some of the top Lightroom keyboard shortcuts that you can use to help with just. Enjoy and put these to some good use.

Lightroom Keyboard Shortcuts:

  1. D = Develop Module
  2. E = Library Module (single image view)
  3. G = Library Module (grid view)
  4. R = Crop tool
  5. O = Cycles through crop overlays (while in the Crop tool)
  6. Tab key = Hides the left and right panels
  7. Press Opt (PC: Alt) key when moving sliders = Allows you to view clipping and masking for some of the sliders under tone adjustments
  8. L = Lights out mode (tap to dim, tap to go full lights out, tap again to exit)
  9. Cmd (PC: Ctrl) + E = Edits in Photoshop
  10. P = Flags photo (P is for Pick)
  11. X = Rejects photo
  12. Numbers 1 through 5 = Adds star rating to a photo (1 through 5 stars)
  13. F = View image full-screen
  14. V = Quick convert to B&W (toggle the V key for a quick look at an image in B&W)
  15. T = Toggles Toolbar on and off
  16. \ = Toggles a before and after state of an image (see your starting image with no adjustments quickly)
  17. Cmd (PC: Ctrl) + D = Deselects photos
  18. B = Adds an image to targeted collection (defaults to “Quick Collection”)
  19. N = Goes to survey view
  20. I = Cycles info display. Great for seeing photo information quickly

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