The Journey Within - Luxury Utah Panoramic Landscape Photography

Deep within the canyon walls of a Southern Utah slot canyon lies a couple fairly remote waterfalls. While these areas are becoming more and more popular, they still provide an experience of solitude and peace if you manage to time it right. Flowing water. A gentle rustling of the wind. It’s a form of silence in the best way.

I had these locations to myself for over an hour. Standing in the cold, rushing waters, surrounded by towering sandstone walls on both sides, I mostly stood in awe at the scene in front of me. It’s a surreal experience to be in one of these Southwestern locations and have no one around. Being a landscape photographer, it’s even better.

Prints available on metal, canvas, and acrylic. Custom sizes available. Contact me for more information.

2017 Bronze Award – Epson International Pano Awards


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