Before heading to Hawaii this past month, I scoured the web for Maui attractions, what to see to see in Maui, and pretty much every search topic anyone else would come up with.  Numerous places popped up including one such being the road to Hana bamboo forests.  I saw photos of these areas and knew at once that I had to see it in person.  I can’t say that I’ve ever been in such a place, especially just off was a very traveled roadway.

The Maui bamboo forest I walked through was eery to say the least.  The light rain had started increasing and the gentle clunking of bamboo stocks together made it almost surreal.  With the rain coming down harder I didn’t have a huge amount of time as I was getting soaked in the process of trying to take a few photos.  That definitely made me realize I need to invest in some sort of rain cover for my camera.

In regards to the technical details of this shot, the hardest thing I had to deal with besides the rain was getting a sharp photo.  This was a 5 second exposure at f/8 with an ISO of 200.  I had to attempt a few shots during breaks in the slight breeze to prevent any motion in the bamboo itself.  The addition of a polarizing filter helped cut through the shine from the rain and added some natural saturation to the image.

Maui Bamboo ForestThis is definitely a place I recommend visiting if you’re ever in the Maui area.  As usual, if you’d like to use this image for any personal uses, my images are now Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial.  See my licensing page for more details as to how you can utilize this.  For any commercial purposes, please contact me or see my Photoshelter gallery and I’d be happy to work with you.

Happy Shooting- Clint Losee Photography 

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