Winters Grip - Fine Art Nature Photography

Winter is usually a time I don’t get out much to create many pictures. This past Winter though, I decided to brave the cold weather to head out and see what sort of fine art nature photographs I may be able to come away with.

This particular morning was cold…I mean really cold. I believe the temp gauge in the car read -2 degrees Fahrenheit when I loaded up the F-stop Loka UL camera bag (newer version available now) and set out into the fields near Heber, UT along the Provo River. I was specifically looking for some Winter shots. My library of images has a specific lacking of Wintery/snowy scenes in it and I had high hopes for sunrise this morning. That being the case, it didn’t work out as planned. The clouds broke up too early and faded too quickly. While walking back though, I noticed the frost covered trees along the side of the trail. The early morning light in combination with this made for an exceptional scene that I spent the next little while photographing. What you see is one of the results, and one of my favorites from that morning.

You can contact me for any inquiries on this image or you can purchase this as a fine art limited edition of 50 here:

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