Mt. Timpanogos has been on my list of landscape photography locations for quite some time. Especially since I live mere minutes from the mountain itself. It’s a long and strenuous hike to get to the top, but once you arrive to the upper basin you’re rewarded with a view you cannot forget.

Mt. Timpanogos Paintbrush - Utah Landscape Photography
Indian Paintbrush wildflowers bloom into a brilliant red in the basin below the peak of Mt. Timpanogos during the warm Summer months.

I planned this trip to be a short overnight trip up to the basin in early July to capture the numerous wildflowers that bloom on the mountain during the Summer months here in Utah. Sunrise in the shadow of this peak is an amazing sight to see. Timing was pretty spot on and I came away with quite a few Utah landscape photographs that I plan to share in the coming months.

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