Flatiron Majesty - New York City Travel Photography

New York City is one amazing place to see and one that’s great for travel photography. It’s almost like there is an endless amount of new places just around the next bustling street corner. Along with that is a city that is not short on iconic views and locations. One such is the Flatiron Building in downtown Manhattan.

The Flatiron Building has long been at the list of one of my favorite buildings. There is just something cool, for lack of a better word, about this building. From its unique shape to the details in the stone, it’s just one of those places that needs to be on your to-see list when visiting this great city.

This was my second trip to New York and also my second trip to see the building. The first time came during the day and so this trip I wanted to see it at night. Yeah, it was definitely worth it. I tried something a bit different after capturing the usual shots of the building and this is the result. I hope you like it. For any print or licensing questions, you can contact me or check out the print information and licensing pages.

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