Latest Work: Easy Now - Henry's Fork River - Fly Fishing Photography

One type of photography has always captured my attention. That is fly fishing photography. I’ve fly fished for the majority of my life and always remembered perusing the various fly fishing magazines and sitting there in awe at the amazing imagery that graced those pages. Photographers such as R. Valentine AtkinsonBrian O’Keefe, Louis Cahill and others always stood out in my mind. I was drawn to this type of imagery.

Sadly, I don’t get to do this type of photography as much as I’d like. That being said, I do jump on any opportunity I can to try and create any sort of stunning fly fishing or fish photography. Such was a previous trip to the Henry’s Fork River in Idaho. I make an annual trip to fish these fabled waters every year and am currently on a 17 year streak (yay!). This particular trip I had the pleasure of my brother and a fried of his joining me. I’m always up for having some company on my fly fishing trips.

This particular image was taken on the last morning there fishing the Millionaire’s Pool in Harriman State Park. Teamwork pays off when landing these hard fighting fish.

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