A Moment of Wonder - Utah Landscape Photography

Here’s something I don’t often do or get to do for that matter. Including a human element in my photos (aside from the fly fishing photography I do. Many times on my adventures I’m alone. That’s just the nature of being out in nature enjoying the beautiful landscapes and pursuing a passion for landscape photography. That being the case, I don’t often get the chance or opportunity to add people experiencing these wonders into my photos. So every now and then I try to shake things up.

This image includes none other than myself. It’s always nice to know I have a “willing” model along on my adventures. Aside from the fact that I probably look a bit crazy running back and forth trying to beat the timer on my camera though. 🙂

The location is just above Cecret Lake in Little Cottonwood Canyon near Salt Lake City, Utah. I made the hike for sunrise and on returning from some side trails, I noticed the early morning light still shining bright through the flowers, trees, and grasses. Adding to that the little trail leading off into the distance seemed to be a perfect fit to try something like this out. One of these days I’ll try to round up some actual models to experiment with for these types of shots. Anyone want to try it?

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