Photographers love Adobe Lightroom. That being the case, it has become a widely used program for photo management and post-processing for a lot of individuals out there. However, there are a few key items to get in line before plunging in full force.

Setting up the important Lightroom Preferences and Catalog Settings the correct way can help you get the most out of your Lightroom 5 workflow. From XMP settings and interface changes, to using the proper color space to squeeze out every bit of color from your images, all of these settings can be found with a little digging through the options in Lightroom.

In this video I show you where to find those important Lightroom Preferences and Catalog Settings as well as what you need to look out for and what I recommend you change them to. This will help you get up and running with Lightroom 5 and give you the most enjoyable experience you can along with just making things run their best while using the software.

Now that you have your important Lightroom Preferences and Catalog Settings taken care of, you can move on to all the post-processing goodness that is Adobe Lightroom. If you have any questions or would like to see anything in particular to Lightroom, please leave a comment below. I have more tutorial videos in the works that I look forward to sharing with you. If this video helped you out and you know someone else that would benefit from these tips, be sure to share this with them using the links below.

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