Pretty much anyone can relate to the feeling of not having enough time in the day to enjoy the things we love the most.  I’ve found that I’ve lost touch with the outdoors lately and decided that since I live in the great State of Utah, outdoors activities are not hard to find.  Being armed with a camera helps as well.

With that, I decided to explore some of the local trails for hiking in Utah along the Salt Lake valley of the Wasatch Mountains.  A great online starting point to finding some of these trails is the website and specifically their pages dealing with local Utah hiking trails.  If you browse their site you’ll no doubt find numerous hiking trails within a close range.  These are a great option for a quick out and back hike to get you reconnected with the outdoors.

The Bell Canyon hike is a short hike, comparatively speaking.  I was initially drawn to this due to the fact that it leads to a lake and follows a small stream.  From what I’ve found with small streams here in Utah is the propensity for small waterfalls.  I’ll admit that Utah waterfalls are not the same as those found in more well-known regions.  Specifically those  in the Pacific Northwest that I’ve seen gorgeous photos of.  However, hiking in Utah can bring you to some remote and not so remote locations containing these special smaller waterfalls.

In the short time I hiked the Bell Canyon trail I came to the first stream crossing and a spectacular small cascading waterfall.  I had to stop.  The gentle rolling of the water over the decent sized boulders provided for a perfect location for a classic water photograph.  I never made it the full length of the trail due to spending a considerable amount of time exploring this first cascade of water, but I have discovered a new local treasure that will definitely be explore more later.

[frame align=”center”]Bell Canyon Utah Hike Cascading Waterfall. (Clint Losee)[/frame]

[note color=”#e4f1f2″]Photo Technical Details:  ISO 100, 1/2 second exposure, f/22 at a 10mm focal length.  Processed in Lightroom for white balance and general tweaks and Photoshop CS5 for levels adjustments, dodging and burning, and saturation.[/note]

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License

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