It’s well into the Fall color season here in Utah and I have to say it has been an interesting one at that.  While I did make a brief trip up to Grand Teton National Park just before the shutdown for Fall colors, I’ve managed to get out in the mountains and hills surrounding my home here in the Salt Lake Valley.  As mentioned, it’s been interesting.

The first interesting experience with Fall colors in Utah this year was a short trip to the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon and the Silver Lake area.  I just so happened to time the trip with a snow storm that blew in through the night and previous day.  This left the area with a blanket of snow and the 6:00 am arrival time was a rather chilly 20 degrees.

Fall colors of the aspen trees near Silver Lake atop Big Cottonwood canyon in Utah.  A recent snowstorm left a splash of snow to surround the colored trees. (Clint Losee)

Nevertheless, I trekked through the snow.  There were only a few groups of aspen trees that were showing any signs of color.  It did make for some interesting contrasts though and I was able to come away with a few keeper shots.

The rest of the canyon seemed to be either too early or already gone as far as the colors went.  Little Cottonwood Canyon was pretty much the same.  The aspens seemed to be the only ones on fire and they sure did light up the valley with their bright yellows.  I was hoping for more of the maples and bright reds I’d experienced last year.

Another trip landed me in the nearby Alpine Loop.  Again, I ran into the same situation and many of the colors seemed to have already come and gone.  The aspens continued to save the day though with their fiery yellow.

The most recent trip again landed me in Big Cottonwood Canyon for a hope at some Fall colors in Utah.  I had planned on exploring the Lake Blanche area, but an incoming storm made the trek less than worthwhile.  I have to say that the lower elevations did manage to save the day though.

A small stream rushes through the hillside and under a bridge in Big Cottonwood Canyon near Salt Lake City, Utah in the Fall.  Fall colors envelope the area adding a splash of color to the rocks along its banks. (Clint Losee)

The creek that flows from Lake Blanche and Big Cottonwood Creek were lined with bright yellows and oranges.  That is enough to put a smile on your face for sure.  I only spent a short time there, but managed to come away happy.

A small stream rushes through the hillside in Big Cottonwood Canyon near Salt Lake City, Utah in the Fall.  Fall colors envelope the area adding a splash of color. (Clint Losee)

And just for fun.  Here’s a quick shot from the trip to Grand Teton National Park.  That is an amazing place to see the bright yellow cottonwood and aspen trees glow among the Teton Mountain range.

Grand Teton National Park is home to some amazing views.  One of those from an easily accessible point is the Snake River Overlook.  Add to that some stunning Fall colors and a sunset and you have something to remember. (2013 Clint Losee)

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