Cliffs of Acadia National Park - Landscape Photography of the Day

I’m going to start posting up some of my favorite images for everyone to see. Most of the time my images sit in a deep, dark corner of my hard drive and seldom get shared with everyone. So what better way to share my images and travels!

The image for today comes from a Fall trip to the New England area. My wife and I spent a week driving from New York up through Maine and then back through Vermont, New Hampshire and on down to spend a couple days walking the streets of New York.

It was my first visit to the area and Autumn in New England is an amazing place. We were a bit early for ideal Fall colors, but the landscape of Maine and Acadia National Park, coupled with the sprawling urban awesomeness of New York City made for one of my top travels to date.

This image comes from a dreary day in Acadia National Park. I had hoped for a break in the clouds for a decent sunrise shoot near Otter Cliff, but the weather just didn’t want to cooperate. So the next best thing to do is create some black and white photographs! The shear rock face and the crashing ocean made for a dramatic scene along the shore. One day I’m going to make a trip back here. There’s simply too much to see for just a couple days.

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