2012 is winding down and at the end of the year it is common for people to reflect back on the past months and see where they’ve been compared to where they are now.  As a Utah Landscape Photographer, along with many other photographers, I’ve looked back over my images from this past year to see what I was able to create.  I have to say I’m pleased with my progression as an outdoor scenic photographer and happy that I was able to come away with some of the images I did.

This year has led me to many different locations.  I’ve traveled from Hawaii to Maine and New York and even made it to some beautiful locations here in my home State of Utah.  This has provided me with many photographic opportunities and I hope there are many more to come in 2013.

With my review I put together a small video compilation to be able to share with anyone willing to take a few minutes to view it.  And with that I present, the Best of 2012:

Be sure to check back before the end of the year for my official Top 10 blog post.  I’m whittling down my photos to the best of the best and will be sharing them with you all soon.


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