In Episode 2 of the Photocast I take you behind the scenes of an urban/cityscape photoshoot of the Salt Lake City skyline. See the location I visited, the camera setup, and some of the tips I regularly use when out on location.

Photocast – Episode 002: 4.3.2013
Hosted by Clint Losee | Clint Losee Photography

— Show Outline —

[00:00:00] – Show Introduction

[00:01:00] – Show Summary: Behind the Scenes Urban Landscape Photoshoot
I explain a few of the location details and introduce the behind the scenes topic of this show.

[00:02:00] – Main Video Content Showing Behind the Scenes of an Urban Landscape photoshoot
Full length behind the scenes video showing how I go about shooting an urban landscape shot of the Salt Lake City skyline. I talk about the location, details, camera setup and tips I use for shooting panoramic images.

[00:04:42] – Show Wrap Up

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